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Royale House, Inc.

Text Box: Royale House, Inc.

The bricks were an easy sell.  We currently have about 900 engraved bricks, with an additional 1,000 spaces available.  We sold bricks honoring veterans, businesses and local people with the idea that the funds would pay for the granite memorial.  We placed our first order for 700 bricks at $100.00 per brick.  After their placement, we increased the brick fee to $125.00 and have sold an additional 200.  After a year and a half, we are still selling bricks and send in an order approximately once a month.  The engraved bricks arrive, we remove the blank bricks and place the newly engraved one in the open spots.  It’s quick and easy to do.


Timothy A. Raimer

Manager, Portage Parks, Recreation  and Forestry Department

Portage Veterans Memorial Committee

Portage, Wisconsin


All of our 4”x8” bricks are red with the 12” square bricks
 a contrast in gray.  We have received many compliments
on the area that has really dressed up the complex. And as
 usually happens, when the bricks were installed donations
 came in to landscape and upgrade other things in the nearby area.

Special thanks to your company for your good advice and help.

Conrad “Babe” Champion, Project Coordinator

Let There Be Light 2000

Granite City High School Lighting Committee

Granite City, Illinois

House who played a part in making our Crimson Commons area here at Indiana University of Pennsylvania the very meaningful part of our campus that it is.

That we here at IUP could successfully deal with the first-time unknowns can similarly be attributed to Royale House as its staff at all times proved knowledgeable, resourceful and helpful.


Larry A. Judge, Coordinator

Special Projects for IUP Athletics




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