We need to change up the fund raiser


We have done hospital fund raising in the past and it has been very successful.

We have a new fund raising idea


We have engraved personalized bricks we are going to use for fundraising.

Church fundraising idea


The church fundraising idea we came up with was to sell donor bricks.

We finally had a fundraising idea for the softball league.


Hopefully the fundraising idea with the personalized donor bricks will be a success or we will need to raise the sign up fee from now on.

We thought personalized engraved bricks would be great for a church fundraising idea.


We need to repair a brick wall in the church and we came up with a fundraising idea to sell personalized engraved bricks. 

Personalized engraved bricks have worked well in the past.


We have been very please with the brick engraving company and with the work on each of the personalized engraved bricks.

We have a brilliant fundraising idea for the kid’s center.


We think this will be great as the personalized bricks and tiles will be there to see and enjoy f or so many years to come.

The school is in need of new fundraising ideas.


So the school will need to come up with some new fundraising ideas and or products. 

I have been to many fundraisers that use the engraved personalized bricks.


I think of all the fundraisers I have been at the most successful ones have been ones that are offering personalized engraved bricks. 

We will need to have a fundraiser for the new park.


So we are thinking of selling personalized bricks for it as part of the fundraiser.

We do several fundraisers each year.


It seems every year we do the same things and need to come up with some new church fundraising ideas.

Church fundraising ideas


My church always has a hard time with money.

Good fundraising ideas and fundraising products.


Being a member of a local community group, I needed a fundraising idea...

Personalized bricks and tiles secure fundraising dollars


Engraved bricks are easily one of the best fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and non-profit organizations of all kinds.

The best fundraising tip is to put it in stone


Fundraisers too often leave churches and non-profits scrambling to offer trinkets in exchange for needed financial support.